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Make Vegan the new Normal.

We're on a mission to make it absurdly easy to be vegan. Whether you're still testing the waters of the plant-based world or a vegan veteran, we gotchew.

We’ve got it all.

Hard to find vegan products Small & hometown favorite brands Emerging & new vegan foods The best vegan products all in one place (oh, and we have the largest selection of vegan cheeses)

Growing your vegan options.

We bring customer suggestions to local brands and help them launch their food creations. We also work with local restaurants to bring more delicious vegan options to their menu.

You are part of the movement.

We are not only building the world's best vegan shopping experience, we are building a movement and we invite you to join us! By supporting the brands on our site, you're helping vegan businesses not only grow, but thrive! And with more vegan businesses in the world, we can realize our dream of making vegan the new normal.

Change the world by stocking your fridge with vegan brands. Don't see what you want? Let us know and we'll make it happen - we are as obsessed about our customers as you are about your vegan tacos!

The Mylk Fam

A grocery store that cares.

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