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5 Plant-Based Treats for Back to School

. 3 min read . Written by Jennifer
5 Plant-Based Treats for Back to School

Gearing up for Back-to-School can feel pretty hectic. From buying new books, pencils, and paper to shopping for new clothes and shoes, there's just so much to prepare for! (#whoisstressed? 🙋🏼‍♀) With all these things taking up your attention, it's so easy to forget about snacks, especially healthy snacks for the little ones. We want you and your kids to kick-start the school year on the right foot and we know they need nutritious foods to fuel their long day (and so do you!). Below are super delicious, plant-based, and kid-friendly snacks that all kids - vegan or not - will love! No more being stuck choosing between easy and healthy snacking options. We got both in the bag!

P.S. These treats are so tasty, they're kid-approved. Even if you're not going back to school, the time between the end of August and the beginning of September will sure make you feel like you are! So we made sure these are great for kids, adults, and work!

Dairy-Free Milk from Ripple Foods

One thing we love to keep on hand is lunchbox-ready, dairy-free milk! Ripple Foods 4-pack milk is a must because they're packed with 8 grams of protein and provide 50% more calcium and contain 40% less sugar than traditional flavored milk. (Snack hack: Add them into smoothies with hidden veggies for something healthy and delicious!).

Original plant milk by Ripple, check it out here.

Protein Bites from Siren Snacks

Make healthy things taste good and kids will eat them up! We know granola bars and trail mix are go-to recommendations but these fun-sized treats from Siren Snacks are packed with protein and are great little energy balls that'll get kids (and adults!) through any afternoon slump. Kids will go wild for flavors like chocolate brownie, chocolate chip, and cookie dough! Because #treatyoself.

Dark chocolate brownie protein bites by Siren Snack, check it out here

Fruit Chews from Amazi

We know how hard it can be to get kids to eat fresh fruits and raw veggies. That's why we found something they'll be grabbing off the shelves on their own! Packed with health benefits like natural antioxidants and fiber, these fruits chews are the tasty snack that no one will expect to be good for you too! #sneakysneaky

Ginger tumeric jackfruit chews by Amazi, check it out here.

Easy Mac & Cheese from Upton's Naturals

Running out of meal ideas and need a quick fix for when the kids get home? Don't worry, we got you. Every kid we know loves a good bowl of mac & cheese and every parent we know loves a quick, nutritious meal. This vegan meal is filling enough to hold kids over, but it's not so big that it'll spoil their dinner. Win-win in our book!

Original Ch'eesy Mac by Upton's Natural, check it out here.

Sweet Treats from Go Max Go

Are your kids obsessed with sweets? Here's a special treat that'll satisfy a sweet tooth without all the added sugar and artificial flavors found in a regular candy bar. They're perfect for treating your kids after a great first day back at school (and a #treat for you because you made it through the first day too!).

Cleo's peanut butter cups by Go Max Go, check it out here

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