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How to Make the Best Vegan Caramel Popcorn (Ever)

. 3 min read . Written by Jennifer
How to Make the Best Vegan Caramel Popcorn (Ever)

What are the holidays without a bowl of caramel popcorn? We know for us, seeing a tin box filled to the brim with popcorn signifies the beginning of the holiday season! We'll sit on the couch and enjoy this with our families while watching our favorite holiday movies - ah, the nostalgia!

Anyway, that's why we're super excited to share this recipe for a vegan caramel popcorn that's super easy to make and even more easy to eat (trust us, it'll be gone in a flash)! Don't believe us? It's drenched in a rich, buttery (dairy-free, of course) caramel sauce and baked to a perfect crisp. Sometimes we even like to drizzle on dark chocolate for an insanely chocolatey treat!

See below for the recipe!


  • For the Popcorn:
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 4 tbsp Melt Butter Sticks
  • 1 cup popcorn kernels (unpopped)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • For the Caramel:
  • 1 cup of coconut sugar
  • 1 cup dark brown sugar (packed)
  • 1/2 cup light coconut oil
  • 3 tablespoons water
  • 3 tbsp Melt Butter Sticks
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda


  1. First, preheat the oven to 300F.
  2. Next, pop the popcorn. In a 5-quart pot, add the coconut oil, dairy-free butter, and popcorn kernels. Place pot on a stovetop over medium heat and start poppin'! Tip: Take pot off the heat and shake every so often to pop all the kernels without burning them! Once they've all popped, turn off the heat and set them aside.
  3. Then, make the caramel. In a large saucepan over medium heat, combine the sugar, coconut oil, and water. Mix well until the sugar is fully dissolved. Let the mixture boil for another 8 - 10 minutes, or until the caramel turns into a nice, golden brown.
  4. Turn off the heat and add the dairy-free butter and vanilla extract, carefully stirring to mix well.
  5. Remove the pan from heat and sprinkle the baking soda over the caramel sauce. Quickly pour the caramel sauce over the popcorn, stirring quickly to evenly distribute.
  6. Spread the popcorn onto a baking sheet with Silpat and bake for 15 minutes, or until popcorn is golden, crunchy, and crispy.
  7. Serve and enjoy! Tip: Sprinkle with sea salt, drizzle with dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, or dip in nut butter for an extra sweet treat!

*Popcorn will keep for 2 weeks in a dry, airtight container at room temperature.

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