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Let's Do the Impossible: Impossible Burger on Mylk Guys!

. 2 min read . Written by Jennifer
Let's Do the Impossible: Impossible Burger on Mylk Guys!

Good news! The Impossible Burger just got FDA approval and will be coming to grocery store shelves this fall! This is exciting! But with all the hype behind the launch of this plant-based burger, your local grocery store could very well run out before you even get there (nooooo!).

You know it and we know it - the launch of the Impossible Foods plant-based burger at U.S. grocery stores is going to be wild. Until now, the only way to get Impossible Burger was at select restaurants and these selected restaurants were far and wide. But the burgers were in such high demand that some restaurants, like San Francisco restaurant Jardiniere, had to create a ticket system and people would line up to just to get a ticket to have the Impossible Burger.

Today, the Impossible Burger can be found at fast-food chains nationwide such as Burger King and White Castle, but the people want more! Many people are excited about Impossible Foods’ grocery store debut and when they finally launch, we want to make sure you’re one of the lucky ones who get the Impossible Burger!

Let's Do the Impossible
So we're going to do something crazy here... we want to bring the Impossible Burger to Mylk Guys, and we can only do that with YOUR help. Instead of grabbing your reusable bags and running to your nearest grocery store, the only walking you'll do is to your front door where your Impossible Burger will be waiting. 🙌🏼

But how?

Achieving the Impossible
So here’s the game plan: Show Impossible Foods how much we LOVE them! We need all the help we can get. Sign up to tell Impossible Foods that you want your burger on DAY ONE (and not a day later!) and that you want Mylk Guys to ship it to you! Then invite everyone you know!

Yes, this is going to be a long shot, but it’s not impossible! We think 50,000 sign-ups should do the trick and we think that’s definitely possible. 😉

Start Inviting Everyone You Know
By everyone, we mean E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. Call up the people on your speed dial. Invite your friends, your mom, your mom’s friends...long lost cousins, what have you’s. Get them to join our plan to give you access to the Impossible Burger on Mylk Guys! The louder we are and the more demand we generate, the quicker we can get the Impossible Burger in your hands (and into your mouth)!

Oh, and here’s the kicker: If we reach 50,000 sign-ups, we’ll give away FREE IMPOSSIBLE BURGERS* to the first 1,000 people on the list. Now, that’s possible! The more people you sign up, the higher your position on the list. So let's get sharing!

Help us help you get Impossible at Mylk Guys - sign up here!

*Please note: One free pack of Impossible Burgers will be given to each of the top 1,000 people on the list once the product is in stock. Participants will be required to place an order with a minimum of $39 to receive free products. The participant must be located in one of the 48 states where Mylk Guys ships. For any further questions and details regarding ordering and/or shipping, please refer to our FAQs.