Mylk Fam Top Picks: 7 Comfort Foods That Prove Fall is the Best Season

. 2 min read . Written by Jennifer
Mylk Fam Top Picks: 7 Comfort Foods That Prove Fall is the Best Season

We asked what your fall favorites were, and here's what you said.

We're sorry to have to break this to you, but summer's over. 😔Thankfully, with the help of our community (you!), we added an abundance of comfort foods that will have you easing into the fall season with no trouble at all! Cue: stretchy pants - because you'll definitely be coming back for seconds.

Greyston Bakery's Vegan Cinnamon Roll Blondie!! Omg, they are heavenly.” - Yvonne
Gardein's Turk’y Cutlets. So delicious! I usually serve it with roasted broccoli & parsnips. 🍂” - Amanda (@amandafagan__)
Apple slices with nut butter and cinnamon.” - Karen (@karenjenniferli)
Roasted squash soup! Reminds me of my mom.” ❤️- Kaelah (@corrigan711)
Pumpkin everything. And hot chocolate. 😋" - Jenna (@gifcompatible)
Pumpkin pie!!! It makes me feel like I’m with all my family.” - Yourkompas (@yourkompas)
Oatly oat milk ice cream - Simal (si.mal)
I don’t have any, I just eat what I crave no matter the season. 😂” - J.G. (@pulchritudinousheartthrob)

Find the comfort food that speaks to you, here.

If you're into fall as much as we are, check out this list of vegan comfort foods such as a simple bolognese, perfectly crisp cornbread, and homemade chili.

A few Mylk Fam suggestions:

Greyston Bakery Vegan Cinnamon Roll Blondie
Gardein Turk'y Cutlets
Mylk Guys suggestion: Purely Pecans Nuttin' But Pecans Pecan Butter
Daiya Pumpkin Spice Cheezecake
Califia Farms Pumpkin Spice Better Half Creamer
Oatly Strawberry Oatmilk Ice Cream
Nib Mor Nib Mor Organic Traditional Hot Chocolate

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