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Shark Tank's Mark Cuban Invests $250,000 in Snacklins Vegan Pork Rinds

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Shark Tank's Mark Cuban Invests $250,000 in Snacklins Vegan Pork Rinds

In 2016, when Samy Kobrosly and his friends launched their food startup, Snacklins, they joked that they would one day appear on ABC's "Shark Tank." Do you know what happens when you put a dream out into the Universe?

It responds.

Here's What Happened

On Sunday night, (10/20/2019), Kobrosly brought Snacklins to Culver City, California with high hopes. He appeared before the Shark Tank investors to pitch his vegan pork rinds, a low-calorie chip made from mushrooms and yuca.

“We’ve grown 10-fold in the past year, selling in about 850 stores nationwide." Kobrosly told the Sharks, "We started off in about 36 stores a year-and-a-half ago. From mom-and-pops to national chains such as Whole Foods, Walmart and 7/11."

Proud of the company's success, Kobrosly went on to say that Snacklins sold $200,000 in the product in 2018 and aimed to finish 2019 with $2 million in sales.

Although he only owns 30% of the company (he gave a 10% stake to each original employee; angel investors and family members also have a stake), Kobrosly is serious about his business. “When I had a meeting with 7/11, my baby was born the night beforehand. Four hours later, I jumped on a plane and I went to Dallas, and I met with the heads of 7/11. I’ll do anything I have to do.”

Inspired by his business ethics (and a lover of the snacks himself), Mark Cuban invested $250,000 in return for a 5% stake plus 5% in advisory shares, which Kobrosly accepted.

When asked about the offer, Kobrosly said, “I think a strategic partner like you [Cuban] is what I set this up for. “I used to own 100% of nothing. I am living the American dream. I am a Muslim, first-generation American, who is now pitching a vegan pork rind on ‘Shark Tank.’”

What's Next for Snacklins?

Next year Kobrosly plans to focus on innovation around new flavors and increase company awareness for the vegan pork rinds company. “For me, it’s about taking more chances.”

We're so excited to see vegan brands like Snacklins make it on national television. This is another big step for the planet-based movement!

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