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The Ultimate List of Leftover Thanksgiving Recipes

. 3 min read . Written by Annie
The Ultimate List of Leftover Thanksgiving Recipes

We can't begin to count all the great things that come with Thanksgiving. First of all, there are already soOoOo many pumpkin-spiced things. Cheesecakes, pies, drinks, ice cream, pancakes, the list is endless. Then, there's the plethora of SIDE DISHES...which is the real reason why we're all here...I mean c'mon.

But what we're really blessed on Thanksgiving with is the amount of food that we get to share with our loved ones. You know we'll be going for thirds and fourths throughout the rest of the night and welllll into the weekend.

With that much amount of food that's leftover on Thanksgiving, here are some fun ways to get creative with your leftovers. It'll literally be like having a new Thanksgiving meal all throughout the weekend. You're welcome. 😉

Leftover Mashed Potato Pizza

Photo Credit: Food Network

It's really as simple as it sounds. If you have some dough or even cauliflower crust (just in case you're laying low on the carbs) handy, pop one out, smother it with your favorite side dishes (ours is mashed potatoes of course but be as adventurous as you'd like), maybe some roasted Brussel sprouts if you're feeling some veggies, leftover bacon, and of course, cheese. Heat it up and congrats, you can add slinging pizzas to your resume.

Open Faced Hot Turk'y Sammy

Photo Credit: Food Network

Open-faced sandwiches are great because they look pretty and delicious. Just with the pizza recipe above, your toppings are truly endless. If you've got any leftover turk'y or roasts available, add it to your sammy and smother it with some gravy and enjoy it with your leftover mashed potatoes.

Stuffing-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Photo Credit: Culinary Hill

Left over stuffing? Stuff it in the cap of portobello mushrooms, add some spinach, sprinkle it with your favorite cheeses, and bake for 10 minutes and voila, the perfect post-Thanksgiving meal that you can eat with your hands!

Vegan Thanksgiving Leftover Wraps

Photo Credit: Veg News

Literally wrap up your (warm or cold) Thanksgiving favorites into a tortilla wrap: wild rice, turk'y, sprinkle some parmesan cheese, beans, and dip it with your favorite sauce: cranberry or gravy.

Vegan Turk'y Gumbo

Photo Credit: Half-Baked Harvest

This hearty stew is perfect for those cold nights. Picture this: Fireplace on, Netflix, snuggling with some blankets on the couch and a bowl of this perfect vegan gumbo. Include some sliced up chunks of your leftover turk'y, add slices of Hot Italian Sausages from Beyond for the perfect amount of spicy-ness, your favorite veggies like carrots, veggies, and serve it under a hot bed of wild rice or mashed potatoes.

Get all of your last minute Thanksgiving essentials here and start dreaming of all the creative ways you can have Thanksgiving Round 1...Round 2....and Round 3... 😉

Cover Image: Culinary Hill

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