Toby's Family Foods

The 'Toby's brand' started in Toby's kitchen in the 1970s. She was a mom making food for a reason - her kids were hungry! One of her sons had severe food allergies and the options we have now simply were not available back then. She set out to make recipes the whole family could enjoy! As Toby shared her food at gatherings, with friends and family, and at the Eugene Saturday Market, word spread and Toby along with a few market vendors opened a restaurant. While pregnant with her third child, she started making a vegetarian, protein-heavy snack to fuel her through long days - the beginning of Toby's Tofu Paté! Toby's Family Foods is proudly still family owned and operated in Springfield, Oregon making foods with simple ingredients you can feel good about. We are true to our labels when we say, "Good on Anything!"