Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is everything on Mylk Guys vegan?A: 100% - we are an all-vegan store founded by a vegan!
Q: Do I need a membership to place an order?A: You do not need a Mylk Unlimited membership to place an order, but we do require that you log in to use our site with your email address. This is so that we can provide the best Mylk Guys experience for you, and ensure your order arrives safely.
Q: Do you sell gift cards?A: Yes we do! You can find the gift card section under your account. You can decide who to send it to and how much. Continue to spread your love!
Q: I love Mylk Guys! How do I tell my friends?!A: Aw, shucks! We love you, too! You can give all your friends $10 off their first order by going to and sending them the link to your unique referral code. After they've placed their first order, you'll also get a $10 credit applied to your Mylk Guys account!
Q: I know of some awesome vegan products that aren't on your site, how do I request them?A: Tell us, tell us! You can request new products by going to and we'll do our best to carry them!