Mylk Guys
is bringing you

Mylk Guys
is bringing you

Help us bring you the Impossible Burger!
Here's how.

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Tap on the “I’M IN!” button below and enter your information. That’s how we’ll notify you when Impossible launches on Mylk Guys!


Send out your unique link to everyone you know and encourage them to sign up, too. Let’s grow that list to 50,000 signups and show Impossible how much you want them!


The more you share your link, the higher your position on the list will be. We’re giving FREE Impossible to the top 1,000 on the list once we hit 50,000 signups.

You want Impossible? Let’s bring it to Mylk Guys!

Due to popular demand, your local grocery store may run out before you get there! Help us bring Impossible straight to your doorstep by showing them how much we love them.

Invite anyone and everyone to join and let’s make it possible to buy Impossible on Mylk Guys! The louder we are, the quicker we can get Impossible in your hands and in your mouth. (You in!?)

Sign up for a chance to win FREE Impossible Burgers:

Sign up above and refer any and all of your friends to show Impossible that you want yours on DAY 1 and you want Mylk Guys to ship it to you! We think that 50,000 sign-ups should do the trick ;)

In fact, if we reach 50,000 signups, we’ll give away FREE IMPOSSIBLE BURGERS* to the first 1,000 people on the list. Now, that’s possible! Your position on the list increases with every referral you send out, so get sharing!

Terms & Conditions

Hey! We know you’re eager to hit that sign up button, but we just wanted to make ya aware of some things:

1) Honestly, we wish we had some sort of magic wand that gave us Impossible Burger before anyone else in the world (jury’s still out on that one), but we may not be the first to carry it!

2) Lowkey (but highkey), we just really love Impossible Burger and want to share that love with all of you! And although we *heart* them, Impossible Burger is in no way, shape, form, dimension, (etc. etc. etc.) involved in this launch.

3) If you’re from Impossible Burger - hello, friend! - if you want to chat, email us at (it works, we promise) <3

*One free pack of Impossible Burgers will be given to each of the top 1,000 people on the list once the product is in stock. Participants will be required to place an order with a minimum $39 basket size to receive free product. Participant must be located in one of the 48 states Mylk Guys ships to. For any further questions and details regarding ordering and/or shipping, please refer to our FAQs.