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We created Mylk Guys Subscriptions because our community wanted an even easier way to keep plant-based goodness stocked in their homes and offices.
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Never Run Out of Favorites
You’ll stay stocked and always get what you want even if they are the hottest product around.
Personalize Your Box
Changed your mind or want to add something new? Subscriptions make it easy to edit your box so you always get what you need.
Enjoy Free Shipping
Build a subscription box of $100 or more and enjoy free shipping on every box.
Not sure where to start?
I get my proteins
Do people ask you where you get your protein? Tell them you get protein here.
This is vegan cheese?
Is cheese the thing you miss since eating plant-based? Now you'll have more cheese options than any cheese shop!
Everything in one box
From a Vegan Starter Kit to a Sweet Tooth Satisfier Kit, each box has all the staples you need to satisfy any craving!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I create a custom subscription box?A: Yes, you can customize your subscription box with any items, any time you personally need them. After all, what’s the point if you can’t get what you love?
Q: Can I edit or cancel my subscription?A: Of course, you can also edit or cancel your subscription as you see fit. To ensure you have what you want, please edit or cancel before your order ships out.
Q: Do I have to subscribe to shop at Mylk Guys?A: Don’t worry, you don’t have to subscribe to shop at Mylk Guys! You hold the power to how you shop and get all the things you need.